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Rediscover Sartorial Brilliance

Explore our latest collection: Odyssey of Power

Rediscover Sartorial Brilliance

Explore our latest collection: Odyssey of Power

Painstakingly Hand-Perfected

Drape Yourself in Graceful Indulgence.

Command Respect

Explore our debut collection

Command Respect

Explore our debut collection

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Fine Modest Wear

Command Respect

Explore our made-to-order workwear collection.


Elegance & Comfort

Explore our casual-wear collection. Styles that convey prestige.

Elegance & Comfort

Styles that convey prestige.

Designs hand crafted by human beings who really care about what they're doing, giving attention to the last detail with love and passion.

We present to you proudly


Custom Sizing

Your order from Aquillora made in your specific size. Because we understand that everyone has a unique body.

The Jewel of Arabia

An exclusive limited edition collection inspired from the craftsmanship of Arabian Jewellery.

Tailor Made In Oman

Each product at Aquillora is made in our own production facility in Muscat, Oman, where we maintain oversight over every facet of the production process, as far as the quality of work is concerned, carried out by people who are carefully recruited. We procure the fabric ourselves with a great deal of rigour, selecting each piece with an eye for detail, create and temper the designs ourselves working with our in-house fashion designers, and produce each piece of clothing at our facility, with the help of passionate tailors, embroidery specialists, master-patternists and artisans, each highly skilled and experienced at their specific task. They hand-craft and refine each part with the attention to detail and love that only a craftsman can give, to make sure that we can take pride in whatever goes out of our doors, no matter how small or big.

Hand-Crafted Throughout

A glimpse at the passion, the artistry and the craftsmanship behind every Aquillora product.

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