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Introducing Aquillora’s debut collection, ‘The Courage Spur’, an ode to the emotions every woman experiences as she makes a courageous choice. Symbolizing this journey, the collection illustrates fluid yet bold silhouettes in contrasting colors enhanced with delicate embellishments. Embracing exquisite craftsmanship, each design is a representation of the five emotional stages during this journey. These stages are aptly named as The Choice, The Overcoming, Courage, The Dispersion and Serenity.

The Choice

The first stage, Choice, is dedicated to the duality women experience within themselves when faced with two opposing paths. This is showcased through long dresses and two-toned abayas. Fused with beaded belts and contrasting sleeves hand embroidered with beads, each design exudes refined sensibility.

The Overcoming

The collection flows through to the next stage, The Overcoming, which depicts overcoming the fear and anxiety one feels when choosing a difficult path. Bold silhouettes of coat style abayas and asymmetrical pant suits are enhanced with subtle yet vivid embroidery patterns, emphasizing the victory over fear.


Telling the magical tale of possibility and power, the collection moves to the next stage known as Courage. Flowy silhouettes of pleated dress and structured design of abaya style coat completed with a statement belt portrays the power within every woman. In this stage, Aquillora explores the versatility of color blocking on abayas which emanates a sense of ease.

The Dispersion

A euphoric release of energy after making a difficult decision, channels the woman onto the next stage, Dispersion. Striking silhouettes are highlighted with playful thread and beaded embroidered elements, manifesting a colourful aura.


The energy expressed through the journey leads into the final stage, Serenity. Structured yet voluminous styles completed with pleated details radiate a sense of inner tranquillity and solace.

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