Courage Long Coat


The final design working as the centrepiece of this collection, we present our Courage long coat, featuring a casual top and long pants. A dramatic outfit of bi-chromatic extravagance that is a melange of boldness and comfort, the ivory, sky blue and Prussian blue of this design is separated by bold and distinct black lines creating a geometric pattern, that gives the impression of an ultra-modern touch, making the wearer a sight to behold.
Constructed with unrestrained sleeves a hemline free and voluminous, this outfit is for those ladies who are unafraid to experiment with their style, willing to take a bold risk to stand apart from the crowd. The fabric is composed of high-grade Rayon and Spandex.


Composition: 92% High Grade Rayon and 8% Spandex sourced from South Korea

Casual Top and Long Pants sold separately.

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